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I didn’t know he was so sensitive. Maybe I should lay off the gardening? Honestly the flowers may be getting out of hand… Freakin’ Isabelle and her chores. 

I’ve been having some nightmares. Since Alice.

It’ll be fine…


Wolfgang arrived today. He’s been making fun of my “Girly” town all day. Great. 

He moved in right next to Whitney, not that that’s surprising. We all live in this weird little cluster now, except for Genji. 

Not suspicious at all, guys. 

Welcome to Royal, Wolfgang.

It really wasn’t Whitney’s fault. 

Alice was a sweet kid, moved in a few weeks ago. Not the type to cause any trouble, but she kept snooping around Whitney’s house. She was trying to be nice…

She snuck in while Whitney was on the phone with Lopez, trying to get us some supplies. I guess Bonbon wouldn’t stop asking questions, “Are you okay? What happened with Snake?” So Whitney told her… Alice over heard. 

She just panicked. That”s all… Just trying to protect us…

I’m going to call Wolfgang. He’s always known how to make her feel better. 

It’s time to grow more flowers, work harder on the paths… Isabelle isn’t going to like this… At least she’ll be able to tell that we’re all upset about it too…

What she doesn’t know is that I have that picture of her and Wolfgang ballroom dancing on my wall. Fuchsia and Cherry almost fell over laughing when they saw it. Genji just about knocked over my fish tank.

She’s probably gonna kill me when she finds out.

It’s been an okay life…

… Why are my eyelids purple?

Flower Giveaway

To everyone:
I’ll be doing another flower giveaway. This time there will be a few winners. First place gets to pick 50 flowers they will take, and the next will 25, then 15 until everything is gone.
Flowers included:
53 red carnations
41 pink carnations
54 white carnations
7 pink lilies
4 blue violets
21 purple roses
7 pink roses

Just like or reblog for entry.

To the few people that follow me: I’m going to be doing stuff again soon OTL not that it’s something you’re really looking forward to.

"Good mornin’ Mayor~"
… Morning, Girls…
(I still hate digital and forgot parts on cherry damnit and i should have put piercings that would be cute)

"Good mornin’ Mayor~"

… Morning, Girls…

(I still hate digital and forgot parts on cherry damnit and i should have put piercings that would be cute)

Cycle town!

Hello to the couple of people who deal with this dumb tumblr explaining plot made up for Jisoo over one night with friends until its finally all set up and I can put up just his reactions to things- /shot/. Ignore that.

But anyway, I’m going to have a cycle town and while I will put this offer up later on TBT, I figured I’d let you all reserve a villager if you want. Unfortunately, a lot are already reserved for me, real life friends or sale. But I’ll put a list under the read more. 

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Has anyone else noticed that all the villagers are super good at wrapping gifts, but when you try to gift wrap something it looks kinda sad in comparison? 

Yeah, but Gracie sucks too so at least you’re high fashion.

Blue Rose Giveaway!

I have probably 100 blue roses not being used on my beach, so I’ve decided to give them away. :3 (I will also be trading more, since I will keep breeding, for black/pink tulips/cosmos if anyone is interested)

I’ll use a random number generator and just count to the note so just like or reblog or both. :) 

Whelp. I hope someone wants them n.n’

(officially 100. This will probably end 5/29.)

Newleafsenpai wins :3 

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